About Us

What Makes Us Different?

We are family owned and operate independently from all insurance providers, marketing organizations, and other entities. We never lose sight of who makes us great, and treat you as an extension of the family.

David Francis

Operations Manager

Sean Wickersham

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Van Lam

Commissions Team Lead

Jane Riley

Chief Compliance Officer

Micah Hesting

National Director of Sales & Advisor Recruiting

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The Leaders Group is a national broker-dealer located in Littleton, Colorado.  Founded in 1994, we are the preferred broker-dealer for life insurance producers and retail advisors nationwide.

We continue to be chosen by industry-leading professionals because of our unique ability to support any agency structure and wide array of service capabilities.

Our expertise and flexible approach make it easy to accommodate any unique business model or situation, and we pride ourselves on being accessible, easy to work with, and knowledgeable.


The Leaders Group is proud member of the following industry associations:


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